Company Overview

CMSC owns exploration tenements spanning over 400km2 within the Danakil Depression in South East Eritrea.

Since 2010, 97 holes have been drilled identifying a resource containing more than one billion tonnes of potassium bearing salts suitable for the production of potash fertilisers.

South Boulder Mines Ltd is currently working on the Feasibility Study to support the development of the project.

South Boulder Mines CEO Interview from Investment Symposium

South Boulder Mines recently presented at the Symposium Investment event in Sydney and Melbourne. A post presentation interview with Managing Director, Paul Donaldson may be viewed at the following link.


South Boulder AGM Presentation

South Boulder Mines is pleased to provide the following presentation from the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Please see link below:

South Boulder Mines AGM presentation


A world class potash resource – An A grade development team

Mining Journal have recently published an article on South Boulder’s Colluli potash project.

The article titled “A world class potash resource – An A grade development team” gives an overview of the Colluli project, its history and development path forward.

The article may be viewed from the following link.



Potash for Produce – South Boulder moving forward with Colluli

Business Excellence Mining  have recently published an article on South Boulder’s Colluli potash project.

The article titled “Potash for Produce” gives a high level overview of the Colluli project, study timelines, and proposed development path.

The article may be viewed from the following link.


Potash for Produce-South Boulder moving forward with Colluli


South Boulder Mines delivers strong Quarterly Report

South Boulder Mines is pleased to present its quarterly report for the period ending September 2014. Substantial process on the pre-feasibility study for the production of potassium sulphate has been made.

Highlights include:

  • Commercial grade potassium sulphate (“SOP”) produced from the Colluli salt suite1
  • PFS Flotation testwork demonstrated potassium yields in excess of 80%
  • Favourable metallurgical test results resulted in elimination of grinding infrastructure and some thickening infrastructure from the initial process design, reducing capital and operating costs
  • PFS process plant design configuration finalised
  • PFS drilling campaign completed ahead of schedule and under budget for pit wall and trafficability assessments with testing currently underway in both Canada and Australia
  • DFS drilling campaign initiated early to obtain:
    • hydrogeology and dewatering requirements including the placement of dewatering bores in the mining area
    • geotechnical information for plant and recovery pond infrastructure
  • DFS level test pits underway to finalise knowledge of:
    • Product haulage road construction requirements
    • Borrow material for site, port and road construction
    • Waste dump and evaporation pond foundations
  • Transfer of resource model to AMC consultants well progressed
  • Exploration license renewal completed
  • First tranche of environmental baseline assessments submitted to the Eritrean Environmental Ministry
  • Over 1.5 tonnes of Colluli salt samples shipped to Canada for pilot plant
  • Detailed study for product shipping options underway

The pre-feasibility study is expected to be completed by February 2015. Studies completed in February 2014, showed that mining waste to ore ratios can be substantially reduced by mining all potassium bearing salts in the resource, resulting in materially lower mine operating costs. Potassium sulphate, commonly known as sulphate of potash (SOP) is a premium fertiliser which receives a substantial price premium over the more common potassium chloride (Muriate of Potash).


Colluli Project Information Brochure

South Boulder Mines (ASX: STB) (“South Boulder” or “the Company”) is pleased to present a summary overview of the Colluli Resource and the development strategy to produce potassium sulphate. For the information brochure, please go to:

Colluli Information Booklet